Provide management solutions in credit recovery processes, tailored to the needs of customers and business partners,

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Specialized and Motivated Team

Recactiv consists of a specialized and motivated team to maximize customer satisfaction, aiming to exceed your expectations. To ensure speed, simplicity and innovation in the service we use our know-how, market knowledge, continuous employee training and technological development.

Experienced team

Strong know-how, Production Strategies with Redundancy.

Defined Goals

Team aligned with Mission ; Motivation Team ; Individual Performance Management


Multiple actions of specific training under the Annual Training Plan.

Code of Conduct

Respect for Law and Professional Ethics are the underlying principles of our company.
Founding member of APERC - Portuguese Association of Credit Recovery.


Recactiv, throughout its existence, has regulated its activity by the human capacity for procedural and business analysis, based on the latest technologies.


It is fundamental divide our activities into two parts; with regard to the service to our partners and, on the other hand, working with the customers of our Partners.


Development of strong partnerships and continuous improvement processes aimed at maximizing the satisfaction of our customers to exceed their expectations.

Certified and Solid company

Operating in the domestic market since 1999, we have developed our business on an exclusive basis to support the management of processes in several financial institutions.

Solid company

Equity ratio 45%; General Liquidity 182; Own facilities: social responsibility.


Licence CNPD
Distinction FINCRESCE
Distinction PME LIDER

Quality Certification

Quality certification issued by SGS, RECACTIV meets international standard IEC/ISO 9001.

Innovation in Credit Management

The service is based on perfectly regulated activities, and all tasks are standardized processes that allow the application of management concepts, developers of innovation and continuous improvement of the organization's performance and the achievement of a growing satisfaction of its customers.


Dedicated Product Manager, monitoring specialist, organized, responsible, committed and motivated team.

Technical Resources

Specific software installed in IBM system with multiple redundancy and security technologies; Avaya Unified Voice System

Continuous Improvement

Management concepts, which promote continuous improvement in performance and obtaining an increasing satisfaction of our client

Success in Income

Consistent versatility of our organization in handling different materials and credit products (ALD, Renting, Leasing, Credit Classic, Revolving, loans, overdrafts, etc.), address different market needs, ensuring a variety of solutions that value the partnership , speed up the recovery process and your benefit structure freeing you to focus on your activity.


Emphasize the maturity that this entity has already (started its activity in 1999).


Are relevant indicators of success Recactiv the provision of support to entities Portuguese financial system services


Great partnership with numerous organizations in the Portuguese financial system.

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